Artist Highlight: Dzanar


Written by: Brianna Doroger (Social Media Coordinator @ OneOf)

Dzanar Abbas-Zade is an Azerbaijan-born 35-year-old graphic designer from The Netherlands with over 19 years of experience in the field. He has worked with leading names in the music industry, including G-Eazy, Sam Feldt, Akon, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Kesha, Jeremy Renner, and Riff Raff.
C/O: Dzanar

In May 2022, Dzanar collaborated with rapper G-Eazy to launch The Geralds,” a unique NFT collection of ten “3D Avatars” based on real-life inspired G-Eazy looks on The collection, a huge success, sold in packs with opportunities to collect different combinations for chances to win once-in-a-life-time perks such as VIP tickets to a G-Eazy show, partying with G-Eazy in Las Vegas, dinner with G-Eazy & friends in LA, and more.


Since then, he has produced visual designs and is responsible for the entire digital brand experience of Dutch DJ Sam Feldt. His work is versatile, often reflecting his extroverted and introverted personality traits. He believes in a love for art, music, and people; which is evident in his latest piece, “Endless Summer,” a promotional design for Sam Feldt’s upcoming pool party in Miami during Miami Music Week.

“Endless Summer” — Dzanar

We asked Dzanar about his creative process, inspirations, and what he envisions for his future work. Here’s how he responded:

How would you describe your work/ artistic style?

“Dzanar’s artistic/work style is characterized by a combination of love, positivity, vibrant colors, 80’s and 90’s aesthetics, architecture, abstract art, oil paint, neon lights, night cityscapes, and summer and beach scenes.

Dzanar’s artwork might feature bold, bright colors that convey positive emotions like joy, happiness, and love. The use of neon lights might create a sense of energy and movement in their pieces, which could be especially effective when portraying night cityscapes. The 80’s and 90’s aesthetic could be reflected in their choice of color palette, composition, and overall style.

In terms of subject matter, Dzanar’s art might incorporate elements of architecture, such as buildings or cityscapes, which are often depicted in abstract or stylized forms. They may also depict summer and beach scenes, using vibrant colors to capture the warmth and energy of these settings.

Overall, Dzanar’s artistic/work style is a unique blend of various elements, creating a style that is both contemporary and nostalgic, vibrant and calming, and abstract yet grounded in reality.”

What are some ways you get inspiration for your designs?

“Dzanar’s inspiration for their designs draws from a range of sources. They might find inspiration in the Ridge Racer Type 4 game, which could inspire their use of racing-inspired graphics, colors, and compositions. Additionally, Dzanar might be drawn to Japanese settings with buildings, bridges, and tunnels, which could be reflected in their work through the use of architectural elements and motifs.

Dzanar’s designs could also be influenced by brutalism, which might inspire the use of simple, bold shapes and materials. They might draw inspiration from music videos from the 90’s, particularly those in the house/techno/pop scene, which could influence their use of lighting and visual effects. The works of Hype Williams, a renowned music video director, could be a particular source of inspiration for Dzanar.

Finally, fashion could be another area of inspiration for Dzanar’s designs. They might draw inspiration from fashion trends and styles, incorporating elements such as textures, patterns, and color schemes into their work.

Overall, it seems that Dzanar’s inspiration is varied and diverse, drawing from a range of sources such as gaming, architecture, music, film, and fashion. This combination of influences could create a unique and exciting style that blends different elements into something fresh and original.”

What artistic style are you looking to explore or incorporate into your work in the future?

“My artistic style is characterized by a playful and fun sensibility, focusing on bright colors and plasticity texture. The use of bubblegum pink might be a defining feature of this style, lending it a youthful and upbeat energy.

Additionally, this style might be described as sexy, with elements of sensuality and glamour incorporated into the artwork. The use of synth-wave aesthetics could create a retro feel, while the incorporation of old-school and new-school elements might blend nostalgia with contemporary trends.

The inclusion of surreal worlds could add a dream-like quality to the artwork, allowing the artist to create fantastical environments that are both playful and imaginative. The surreal elements could range from whimsical and lighthearted to eerie or unsettling, depending on the artist’s intent.

Overall, this style appears to be a bold and eye-catching combination of playful and sexy elements, with a nod to both the past and present. The bright colors and plasticky textures create a distinct visual identity, while the incorporation of surreal worlds adds depth and intrigue to the artwork.”




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