Congrats to our 5 ‘Sky’s The Limit Collective’ Council Members! 👑



Crypto, DAO & Metaverse Attorney with over six years in the space. “I was 17 starting a poetry degree in undergrad when I first heard Biggie’s voice. Seeing the NFT brought back memories of standing in the street with my friends as a young man spitting bars, we all strived to be like Biggie in our own way…”


Founder of legendary independent music label Slip-N-Slide Records | Co-Founder of Miami NFT Week. “B.I.G is the single most important hip-hop artist of ALL time. Hip Hop is my life. Having an opportunity to do something with B.I.G is a dream come true…”


Former VP of Revenue at OneOf | Committee Member at Friends With Benefits ($FWB) | >20 years eCommerce marketing experience. “Gen-X needed Biggie, Millennials wouldn’t know how to get down without him, Gen-Z are inspired by his legacy, Gen Alpha will take him to Mars, and this collection is on that spaceship…”


Over two decades in entertainment & social advocacy in the UK | Award-Winning musician, youth & community advocate. “My passion for music and activism has seen me lead numerous successful ventures in arts & entertainment including a controversial international tour of Europe’s most prestigious opera houses as the rapping lead in a remix of Mozart’s work…”


Trained corporate, banking & finance lawyer | Self-taught coder, web & fashion Designer. “Biggie’s poetry and booming baritone voice inspired and instilled my passion for the written and spoken word. Lyrically, Biggie taught me lessons on the necessity of digging deep and planting purposefully, so to harvest success that tastefully honours my essential soul…”



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